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Servicing Sydney Metro | Ph: 0434 393 332

Individual Training

One on one training

Individual training - you will have my total commitment.

I suggest this option for clients who:

  • Are not regularly exercising and wish to learn the correct technique to improve posture and reduce any chance of injury when exercising, or
  • Clients who wish to concentrate on their particular goal and achieve it quickly, or
  • Clients who like the individual attention
As it is just you and me the exercises will be designed around your goals.

Most exercises are skill based progession. This means that as you get better at one level of the exercises, I will then change it to a new level to order to maintain the challenge to you and improve your strength or flexibilty.


Our first meeting is free to ensure that we get along and you enjoy this style of training.

Monthly Cost
1 session a week $260.00
2 sessions a week $520.00
3 sessions a week $780.00